Welcome Activity

I'd like to welcome each of you to join me in continuing the exploration of the positive impact that technology can have on teaching, learning and preparing kids for their future, not our past.

Prior to meeting with your group this coming week, I am gently requesting each of you spend a brief period of time (approximately 15 minutes) by completing the following tasks. Pedagogically this type of activity is often referred to as flipping the classroom.

Task #1. Listen to the following 2-minute welcome message video (Podcast). As you will notice, it isn't perfect. However, consider that the tools used to create it were free, readily available to anyone, low tech, fun to use, and can be easily implemented by teachers and students of any age, in any classroom or home. 

The toolset to create this Podcast is a cell phone and Yodio (a free web-based App). If interested, here is more information on Yodio.
If the embedded video does not work on your browser, then use this link and/or ensure you have Adobe Flash Player updated on your computer.

Task #2. Establish a personal gMail account. 
  • As you probably know, Willamette University is now using the Google Apps Academic Suite as one of their primary web-based management tools, so your gMail username is your name@willamette.edu, and will automatically be associated with logging in to Google for any of their tools (email, web-albums, calendars, and Drive including docs, sheets, presentations, forms/surveys, and anything else you create or upload).

  • Based on experience over the past few years, I encourage all candidates to create their own personal gMail account for a variety of reasons. Included are: 
    1. Not all Google Apps are yet available in the academic version (for universities).

    2. Most importantly: Upon graduation, your Willamette account will have a limited life expectancy --- consequences including losing all the work you have submitted and shared.
      However, with a personal Google account, all your Docs, Sheets, Presentations, and shared files in your Google Drive travel with you forever. 
      • So, my suggestion is to create and/or Upload all your docs to your personal gMail account, and it's but a keystroke to Share these documents with your Willamette account. And it serves as a great backup!  Ownership is everything.
    • For those who have not yet set up a personal gMail account, the process is quick and simple
      • Here is a direct link for the process. If you're quick, it will only take a few  minutes. And of course there are dozens and dozens of tutorials, so depending on your learning style, feel free to go to Google.com, search for gmail setup tutorials and scan through until you find one that fits your style. eMail me if you have any problems.

    • Be sure to check both your emails on a regular basis (or have your Willamette eMail auto-forwarded so all mail comes to a single Account!). 

Task #3.  Contributing to our class Shared Data Sheet
  • We have some wonderful web-based tools to enhance collaboration in todays digital world (often referred to as social networking). I'd like each of you to log in to your Google account and provide additional information in a class Shared Data Sheet. Of course this could also be embedded in a Google Doc, but there are advantages and disadvantages to all tools, so this will open up some good discussion. 
  • Carefully observe the following illustration (information in the text-box). 

If you have any problems or questions, just let me know. I'm always available to assist.

Task #4.  Please take a few minutes to complete this brief  MAT Tech Literacy Self-Assessment.  These types of surveys/assessments are created using Google Forms (located in your Google Drive --- Docs/Sheets/Presentation/Forms). 

Task #5.  Peruse our Willamette MAT Tech Support site.
  • Take a few minutes to scan through our tech support site:   http://willamettemat.com 
    • The homepage clarifies the support provided by WITS (campus IT folks) and myself, and includes links to the most popular support requests over the past year.

Task #6.  Optional: download and install the free version of Teamviewer (both Macs and PC's).
  • To deliver prompt and efficient tech support through your experience here at Willamette U., it is often beneficial to connect remotely to your computer (from any location). You will be able to show me the issue you are having and we can work together through to the solution. I will be able to assist in remotely diagnosing an error, configure software, and provide training or demonstrate a process. Teamviewer is secure, firewall-friendly, and takes only a few moments for even a novice to implement. It is only activated when you, the end user, launch and provide the sharing ID numbers.

    That's it. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. 
    And be sure to let me know if you have any questions or need assistance.

    I may be reached by eMail: bjahn@willamette.edu OR barryjahn@gmail.com