Cara's Skype Story

Yes, I signed up for my very own Skype account. This internet tool is what I'd describe as "crazy" --- but that's a good thing.

Let me tell a little story about my first experience. I signed up for Skype while sitting in my living room with my
husband and children. When I told my husband Todd how easy it was he decided to sign up too. This next week he will be leaving for 2 weeks to do his annual training for the National Guard. We decided this would be a great way for us to keep in face to face contact. We loved the idea and once the kids saw themselves on the screen they loved it too.

So, about 30 minutes later I'm working on something else and suddenly my computer is making noise telling me someone from Skype is calling in. Amazingly enough, my
Dad, the most unsavvy tech guy I know is calling me via Skype. Answering in shock we begin having a conversation on the computer. This was just crazy to me :)

Then he tells me my
cousin who I've talked to maybe twice in my whole life from Perryville, Missouri was trying to call him via Skype. So he answers it and finds she is at her Grandmothers house and they all want to do a conference call. CRAZY!

So, after many years of not talking to these people I am suddenly thrown into this great conversation with them. Did I mention crazy? After 20 minutes we all said our goodbyes and hung up.

Wow, I had no idea
I was the last person to jump on the Skype band wagon. This was quite an opportunity. Personally, Skype is obviously going to give me a chance to communicate with family and friends even easier than before.