Shaun's Student Teaching Demo

Shaun Bavaro --- Willamette MAT student, is one of many educators doing a wonderful job using emerging technologies to post their work online to share with others (including future employers). I have his permission to post some of his work on this page. In only 50 seconds he demonstrates teacher directed instruction, student modeling perfection, full class participatation, and classroom management style. Very impressive.

Shaun teaching Elem PE

One of the free services Shaun chose for posting all his lesson plans and videos is called
  • is free (up to 5 gig).
    • It's simple and intuitive to use. And fast.
    • And as secure or public as you wish it to be.
  • Shaun simply uploaded everything to his 4Shared site directly from his computer.
So how does one get a video from a camera up to the Internet?
  • His supervising teacher used a simple digital camera that has a video option and filmed a 50 second clip.
  • Shaun transferred the video to his personal computer (either Mac or PC).
  • Then he then quickly (and simply) uploaded the file to his account.
Embedding a video into a web site:
Our next challenge was to figure out a way to embed his video demonstration directly into this (or any) web page or blog. The solution was actually pretty simple:
  1. Visit Shaun's 4shared site.
  2. Select Download the video (to a local computer).
  3. Open your Google account.
  4. Select the Video tab (this is Google's tool for you to upload your videos).

  5. Browse and Upload the video to your Google Video account.
  6. Linking his video into this web page was as simple as:
    • Insert -> Google Video -> copy/paste URL -> done. 
Imagine the possible applications for a tool like this!
  • One example is Shaun's efolio --- his electronic portfolio that may contain:
    • His resume & references.
    • Links to his website(s) and blog(s) used for other classes he's taken.
    • Links to his collaborative work with classmates (Google Docs, etc.)
    • And will now include video's of him teaching F2F along with sample lesson plans.
  • I'm betting he will be a final candidate for many job opportunities!