MultiMedia Presentation

  • Multimedia Project (applies to CA 6.35)


  • Remember, all of the Web2.0 tools we discussed in class can be found here.
  • Please read all the instructions prior to beginning this project.
  • Over the last few work sessions, each of you have become a resident expert in a variety of Personal Productivity and Screen Recording tools.
    • You may wish to visit our Class Data Sheet -> tab 4 is Team Projects to see what you signed up for.
  • The goal of this project is to pick one of those tools and build a short 90-second to 3 minute multi-media presentation on a topic of your choice.
    You may wish to actually demo how a particular Web2 tool works, and how it could be effectively used in education to enhance teaching and learning; or possibly create a video project or tutorial you created for another class (like Equity)
  • Instructions (Read First):
    • In the Class Data Sheet -> tab 4 is Team Projects
      • Aspire -> sign up for any tool(s) in yellow (Column 'C').
      • Tools include -> Goolge Apps, Reader, Picasa/Web, TinyUrl, Delicious, Dropbox, 4Shared, Screenr, TeamViewer, Scribblar, Dabbleboard, etc.
      • You may also choose Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter.
    • You may work individually or in groups if you wish.

  • You may create your video using one of the following Screen Recorders:
    • Screenr, Voice Thread, Tokbox, UStream, other (ask instructor)
    • Or, you may wish to use iMovie (Mac) or PhotoStory3 (PC) if you used your camera (video) to take a movie or pics. 
    • Regardless of the toolset, you are encouraged to upload your video to YouTube or PicasaWeb, which works well for sharing and embedding into your Blog.

  • Post the link (and embed) the video in your Blog and write a few sentences reflecting on the video topic and your experiences.
    • Examples: see above