Session 5 for Cohort B

Session #5  1 hr 50 min)
  • (2 min) Update electronic Attendance and color your cell blue if present.
  • (2 min) Groupon for local Salem.
  • (3 min) A tough week. We've hit the peak, and are getting ready to coast our way to the finish line. 
    • Oops on Public View instructions for spread sheet project. 
    • Discuss Class Data Sheet (group sign-ups, etc.) & tie to CA 3.15 and 6.35 & Grades update.
  • (20 min) Reflection on spreadsheet (analyze/discuss chart) & post in blog. 
    • Reactions ranged from 'stressful to way too cool'.
    • Ali quote from her reflection. 
      • Create formulas, copy/paste data from the Internet, manipulate data by filtering and inserting/deleting rows & columns 
      • Format (re-size columns, use of color, decimal accuracy, merging cells). 
      • Discuss the impact of using '0' vs a blank cell on overall statistics.
      • Freeze/unfreeze rows and columns, sorting, average vs median vs mode, generating meaningful charts.
    • Question: Is your embedded sheet DYNAMIC? ____  What does this mean?
    • In pairs or small groups, share your spread sheet experiences. Be concise, specific
      • What was easy? ___ Challenging? ____  Confusing? ____   Beneficial? ____
    • Were the 3 tutorials helpful, or how might they be improved? ____
    • Use Krysta's and Meghan's and Eva's and Robb's and AndyD's for demo.
  • (3 min) Discuss Grades. Let's put on our teacher hat's (not our student hats). Let's flip our roles for a moment.
  • (15 - 20 min) Google FORMS group presentation.  
    • Scenario: You are the technology committee rep for your dept/pod and tasked with creating a tech literacy survey.

  • (10 min) Break

  • (~20 min) Presentation of National and Oregon Educational Technology Standards:
    •  The State of Oregon has a specific set of technology requirements for both students and teachers.
    • Slides
      • CIP (Continuous Improvement Plan) -> OETS (new Oregon Ed Tech Standards) -> NETS*S (for students & teachers) -> NETP (National Ed Tech Plan).
    • DEMOProject Digital Citizenship (project in Canada)
    • Discuss Assignment:  Educational Technology Standards (see below)

  • Multimedia Reflections: planned for Session #6 (next session). Begin today if time permits.

Assignment: Educational Technology Standards
    • The new Oregon Technology Standards and Requirements
      • Take a few minutes to scan through the technology standards and requirements for students, which is a single document that addresses the NETS*S (students), the new Oregon Diploma, and new Oregon Educational  Technology Standards (OETS).
      • Also take some time to peruse through the ed tech standards for teachers: NETS*T (teachers),
      • The essential question is:  how might one explain the big picture of what these standards are trying to accomplish?
        • Select at least 3 or 4 of the student standards that are most significant to you, and describe some specific strategies you could implement at your grade level(s) and/or subject areas in order to accomplish this huge task. 
        • Include a paragraph on some of the challenges we face, and how you might pursue overcoming these hurdles.
        • Demo:  Brianna's  |   Stacey's  |  Andy's (video + OETS) and Chad (challenges we face)
          • Wonderful Web2.0 connection to NETS*S by COSN.

      • Post your strategies in the following two Blogs:
        1. The Comments section of our shared Willamettemat Blog (Post is titled 'New Tech Standards & Requirements') 
        2. Also place this reflection In your personal ed tech Blog.