Session 4 for Cohort-B

Session #4  (1 hr 50 min)
  • (~40 min) Web2.0 Project Sharing
    • Mini-presentations by students !!!    (see class data sheet for sign-ups)
      • Personal Productivity -> tinyurl, delicious, dropbox, 4shared, Teamviewer
      • Screen Recorders -> screenr, voice thread, and ustream
        • Eva (Voicethread demo; embedded; contrast)  | Andy (cool Screenr)  |  Ryan (Voicethread demo)  |  Meghan (Voicethread, mark twain)
  • (10 min) break

  • (25 min) Excel and Google Sheets
    • Goal: Analyzing and charting data. Integral component of Work Samples in Practicum & Student Teaching
    • GROUP Presentation: by Google Sheets Group (see Data Sign-up sheet for group with Google Sheets Project)

    • This is our sample data sheet. Skills will include:
      • Goals: Create formulas, copy/paste data from the Internet, data manipulation, inserting/deleting rows & columns, filtering/hiding data
      • Formatting (sizing columns, use of color, decimal accuracy, merging cells, renaming-sheets). 
      • Comparing averages (entering a 0 vs blank cell).
      • Discuss freezing/unfreezing rows and columns, sorting, average vs median vs mode, generating meaningful charts.
      • Applications in the Classroom:  Google's Gadgets and some great student applications.  |  BJs Copy
      • U-STILL-STUCK?  Review this brief 
        Spreadsheet Tutorial
         that demo's all the basic steps. 
      • Brief discussion of abuse of statistics to justify Merit Pay

  • (5 min) Class Activity:  Assignment #4:
  • Instructions for our Spread Sheet Data Analyzing Assignment (analyze and charting data).
  • Examples of finished product (David | Tony | Elizabeth | Denise )

    • Several goals: 
      • Review your basic spread sheeting skills (data manipulation, simple averages and charts). 
      • Ensure that one can easily collaborate/share/publish the results in a Blog, webpage, email invite, etc.
      • Analyze student data using the spreadsheet as a tool measure improvement
    • As per the instructions, analyze the Student Test Scores and create meaningful chart(s) of student progress.
    • Stuck? Review the Spreadsheet Tutorial (short video) describing all the basic steps.
    • Submit to your instructor as follows:
      • Excel users -> upload to Google Sheets -> Publish to Web (Share). Data and formulas will be fine, but charts will need to be redone.
      • If you completed this project in Google Sheets, then sharing, publishing and embedding are a click away.
    • Be sure to create a new Post on your class Blog that embeds the sheet
    • Important: Also include the Published URL so once can view the actual raw data if so desired. It's also a backup if one has issues embedding this into their course Blog! 

    • Be sure to reflect/analyze the results and trends from your statistics and charts

(5 min) Assignment #5: Multimedia Project (applies to CA 6.35)
  • Remember, all of the Web2.0 tools we discussed in class can be found here.
  • Please read all of the following instructions prior to beginning this project.
  • Over the last few work sessions, each of you have become a resident expert in a variety of Personal Productivity and Screen Recording tools.
  • The goal of this project is to pick one of those tools and build a short 2 to 3 minute multi-media presentation that describes the purpose of the tool, how it works, and how it could be effectively used in education to enhance teaching and learning. This satisfies Critical Assessment 6.35.
  • Instructions:
    • Select one of the Web2.0 tools from the list of Personal Productivity tools. Of course it might make the most sense to select the product you and your group are already familiar with. Build a multi-media presentation that will be embedded in your Blog.  
      • Some of the choices include Google Forms, Google Reader, Picasa/Web, Drawing, TinyUrl, Delicious, Dropbox, 4Shared, and TeamViewer. 
      • You may also choose Youtube or Facebook, or Scribblar or Dabbleboard.

  • You may create your video using one of the following Screen Recorders:
    • Screenr, Voice Thread, UStream, other (must be approved) 
    • Or, you may wish to use iMovie (Mac) or PhotoStory3 (PC) if you used your camera (video) to take a movie or pics, then upload as needed.
    • Regardless of the toolset, one may also desire to upload your video to YouTube, PicasaWeb, Dropbox, or 4Shared to provide addition sharing (social) opportunities.

  • Post your video URL and also embed your video in your Blog and write several paragraphs reflecting on the video topic and your experiences. Be sure to include
    • The recording tool you used; 
    • How it works (process), and 
    • How this tool could be effectively used in education to enhance teaching and learning. 
    • Then follow up with the link and embedded video.

  • Request: if anyone is familiar with a Smartboard, it would be wonderful if you (and/or your group) would demo this tool when presenting in our next work session. Steve Rhine has quite a few available for check-out. We can set one up in the lab or Room 101.