Session 2 for Cohort-B

Session #2  (1 hr 50 min)
Goals: Explore the Google Docs suite as a set of web-based tools to increase personal productivity, enhance teaching and extend learning opportunities.

  • Listen to your class reflection. View the embedded 2010 Yodio "Shift Happens" (prev. page)  
  • (5 min) Update our electronic Attendance sheet and color your cell blue if present; and update our Class Data Sheet (remember, you need to be logged in to your Willamette Google Account).
  • PHOTOS: would anybody like their's retaken. Need John's and Alexandria's
  • (15 min) Reflect on Assn #1 (blog posts #1 and #2): 
    • View Class Data Sheet (should contain your Google Blog URL's)
    • View Assessment/grades  (need permission with  Ask instructor for password. "View Rights"
    • Discuss: pic of self and send to your gmail account & insert into your Blog. 
    • Discuss student blog experience (creating your two Posts & inserting mug shot).
    • DEMO: Greek Mythology Blog (submitted by one of our candidates) |  Reflections of HS Math Teacher  |  Dominique (China; math; journaling)

  • (10 min) Brief presentation of modifying your Blog Profile (ie, comments, layout, permissions, co-editting, & application to class room)

  • (~30 min)  Experimenting with Google Docs as personal productivity and classroom instruction tool
    • Take poll on current usage (doc, sheet, presentation, etc.)
    • Log-out and to get overview.
      • Summary: create new, upload existing, sharing, collaborating, publishing, compatibility, export, backup 
    •  Log-in and demo Don't forget to demo collaboration! -> Proj. Digital Citizenship (project in Canada)
    • Begin Assignment #2 in class.

Assignment #2: (discuss, & begin in class if time)
  • In small groups (using the Jigsaw strategy), create a mini-project with the following criteria (and any additional creations you come up with):
    • Be sure to invite your instructor as a co-editor :)
    • Groups include: Google Docs, Sheets, Presentation, Drawings, Forms, & Picasa Web Albums