Session 1 for Cohort-B

Session #1  (1 hr 50 min)
  • Agenda:
    • Welcome, Syllabus, Course Goals, Critical Assessments
    • Reflect on pre-req activities
    • Collaborate & create video on impact of Shift Happens 
       and the Social Media Revolution
    • Hands-on to record attendance on web-based sheet
    • Discuss blogs and potential impact on education. Begin creating personal blog for Ed Tech.

  • Hand camera to a student, who will take each classmates pic (write first-last name in same order on paper )
  • (10 min) Welcome & introduction. Office hours (generally virtual: email, cell phone, Teamviewer).
  • (10 min) Syllabus discussion.
  • ( 5 min) Brief overview of (our course web site)
  • (25 min) Reflect on the Pre-Requisite Welcome Activity
    • 2-min Welcome Message 
      • How was this created? How might something like this be used in the classroom?
    • gMail acct: why gmail? why multiple accts ... yours, ours, Willamette's, other.
    • Class Data Sheet: (see left nav). Discuss
  • (25 min) Class Activity (small groups): reflect on the videos Did You Know (shift happens) and Social Media Revolution.
    • What was your note taking process during the above video clips (mental, scribbles, purposeful)? ______ 
    • Groups of four. Prepare 15 to 25 second script. You will only have 10 to 12 minutes to brainstorm and complete. 
      • Include:
        • A few significant statistics and how might this impact your philosophy of education or role as an educator in preparing students for their future? 
      • DEMO from 2009-Strand 1  (as a link)
      • DEMO from MAT-B (2010)   (embedded below in web site)

    • Instructor: use cell phone to record group results. Yodio when done. Podcast? Cloud computing?

  • Class Activity:
    (5 min) Update the electronic Attendance Sheet (see left nav. bar) as follows:
    • Login Processone must be logged into their Willamette Google Acct.
      • Locate your class (Cohort-A, Cohort-B, Aspire). 
      • Highlight your cell BLUE if you're here for todays sesson.
      • Large group: discuss pros/cons of this strategy.

  • (10 min) Assignment #1 (due prior to beginning of next class)
  • Take a self portrait (mugshot) using any available technology tool (digital camera, webcam, Smartphone, etc).
    • Send a message (to your Google Account) that includes an attachment of the snapshot.
  • If you're a little rusty on Blogging, take a few moments to review this Blogging Resource Site (focus on the short video clips).
  • Since you already have a Google Account, use Googles Blogger to create your personal Ed Tech 520 blog for this course. 
    • The suggested basic criteria is as follows:
    • Blog Name: Example: Joe Brown, who is in Cohort-B would be joeb-cohortB
      • Sally Rider, who is in Aspire, would be srider-Aspire

    • Create POST #1Write several paragraphs of a personal Bio (include the grade level(s) and subjects you wish to teach, hobbies, interests, etc.)
      • Insert your mugshot (the one you emailed to yourself).

    • Create POST #2Describe several specific applications of Blogging that you may be able to use as an instructor or possible activities for your students. You may use examples from the following links or additional ones you have discovered.
  • Return to our class Class Data Sheet. If your name is not in the list, please add it on an available row at this time. Then, update the URL (address) of your Blog in the appropriate data cell alongside your name. Save and test it out.
  • Your instructor will respond to all blog posts, and be sure to request assistance if needed.