Session 6 for Cohort-A

Session #6 (1 hr  50 min)
  • (1 min) Update attendance
  • (3 min) Gradebook & Critical Assessments.
  • (1 min) Reminder to check Willamette email for 'course evaluation'.
  • (1 min) Yodio back up and running?  Don't give up :)

  • (20-25 min) The Talent Code (by Daniel Coyle).   Can direct instruction coincide with inquiry (constructivism)?
    • Technology & Blooms & "Back to the Basics". Can we have our cake and eat it too? ____

  • (20 min) Reflect on student response to the new Technology Standards and Requirements
      • OETS vs NETS*S:  (Oregon Educational Technology Standards);   the new Oregon Diploma;   NETS*T
    • Summarize:  
      • Fran (Pay Attention video)     |     Andrew (6th grade Soc. Studies)    |    Megan R. (stu. make rules ...)
      • Rian (golden conclusion)  Erin (blog, email/skype, good old fashioned)    |    Jason (Mrs Childers Classroom)

      • Time permitting:  Each table (group) reflection: 
        • In one sentence, what does it means to be technologically literate (as a student or teacher)?
      • Create groups that include 1 person from each of the following 6 OETS standards
        • Creativity and Innovation
        • Communication and Collaboration
        • Research and Information Fluency
        • Critical Thinking, Prob. Solving and Decision Making
        • Digital Citizenship
        • Technology Operations and Concepts
      • What stresses/frustrations/roadblocks might one encounter in regards to implementing these standards
  • Grants, $$$, Services tied to tech standards -> Olys/WOU / IBM / Microsoft / Intel.  
    • Thinking outside the box (Stayton server). Exchange of services: "We have something you need and you have something we need."

  • (~45 min)  INTASC-TaskStream Assignment (critical assessment final sign-off)
  • (3 min) Your Blog is your eFolio  --- congrats to all of you! 
    • Be sure to share this during your employment interviews!
Barry Jahn,
Oct 17, 2011, 9:00 PM