Session 4 for Cohort-A

Session #4 (1 hr 50 min)

  • (15 min) Picasa/Web Albums Presentation    and    Teamviewer Demonstration
  • (30 min) Students share their Multi-Media Presentations (Voicethread, Screenr, Ustream)
    • Screenr:   Megan (amazon),  Brendan (photo editing),   Andrew (Khan), Jason (embedding a video) Fran (Screenr, Google FORMS. WOW),
    • Screenr (cont):    Meg,  Chad (files/folders),   Selene (rapid-fire, self talk)
    • UStream:   Leah,   Shelby (security, cell phone)  
    • VoiceThread:  Laura (audio inputs), Margaret (tulips), David (nose bit),  Kelsea (nephew)
  • (30 min) Introduction to Spreadsheets: Excel vs Google Sheets
    • Goal: manipulating, analyzing and charting raw data. 
    • Question: how many of you skillful with the following basic spreadsheet functions:
      • Create formulas, copy/paste data from the Internet, data manipulation, inserting/deleting rows & columns, merging cells.
      • Formatting (sizing columns, use of color, decimal accuracy, merging cells). Comparing averages.  (0 vs blank cell).
      • Discuss freezing/unfreezing rows and columns, sorting, average vs median vs mode, generating meaningful charts.
    • Student Presentation: The Google Sheets   |  their Shared Google Sheet Doc

    • Application in the world of education: Student Test Scores (and practice sheet)
    • Still stuck? Try out this set of Google Sheet Video Tutorials describing all the basic steps.
    • Assignment #6: Spreadsheets  (manipulating, organizing and analyzing data)
      • Goals:
        1. To enhance basic spread sheeting skills (data manipulation, simple averages and charts). 
        2. To ensure that one can easily collaborate/share/publish the results in a Blog, webpage, email invite, etc.
      • Discuss the  ASSIGNMENT  INSTRUCTIONS 

  • (3 min) Technology in Education: Up-to-date Lesson Plans: Ways to teach about Occupy Wallstreet. Who are the 99%?

  • Class time to begin working on Spread sheet project.