Agenda/Assn: Cohort A

Session #1  (3 hours), Oct 5
  • Welcome; short video clip (Shift Happens); reflection and Yodio demo; gmail; Blogging; OTEN conf.
Session #2  (2 hours), Oct 7
  • Photos and gmail/blog; modify Blog profile; intro Web2.0 & Personal Productivity Tools
Session #3  (3 hours), Oct 10th
  • Reflect:  OTEN;  Google Apps Suite (Presentation, Picasa, Forms, Reader, Sheets);  Web2 Productivity presentations; 
Session #4  (2 hours), Oct 12th
  • Reflect MultiMedia Presentations  |  Intro. Spread sheets data manipulation/analyzing
Session #5  (3 hours), Oct 19th 
  • Reflect Spread sheet project; demo Google Gadgets;  Blooms & Technology; intro Ed Tech Standards
Session #6 (2 hrs), Oct 21st
  • Tech Standards review. The Talent Code. Taskstream completion.

OTEN Alternative Activity (if unable to attend a class or the OTEN conference)
  • For those who will not be able to attend (due to emergency), be sure to inform your instructor well in advance
  • The primary alternate activity will be to check out a portable Smart Board (from Steve Rhine), or meet and use one in a classroom.
  • Prepare a 5 to 10 minute video (eg., Screenr, iMovie, etc) presentation that visually demonstrates how to configure (orient) the tool; and demonstrate how to effectively utilize a Smartboard in the classroom as a tool to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Be sure to upload your live video to Youtube and embed in your Blog so it becomes social in nature. Viewers will enjoy watching your live presentation of you demonstrating how to set up and use a smart board in class.
    • Time permitting, we may also request you present your Smartboard  presentation to the class.
    • Talk with your instructor ahead of time for full details.