Session #6 -Video & Taskstream

Our final Educ 520 two-hour instructional work session will be virtual
  • This will bring us up to the required 15 hours for Ed520.
    • Typically our class would be 2 hours face-to-face, plus additional outside-of-class time needed to complete the required activities.
      • The length of time needed to complete these tasks will vary, but should be in the 2 to 3 hour range. 
  • I will be available daily to answer any questions, add clarification, meet with you via Skype, phone, Teamviewer.

  • Let's set Nov 15th as the final due date for both tasks (approximately 10 days). 

Task 1 of 2: Create a video of yourself teaching
  • Goal: Create (record) a live video of yourself teaching a mini-lesson (5 to 15 minutes) on any topic you like. 
    • Example: you could video yourself teaching a group of your peers; or students in a classroom; or family members, etc.
  • Create the video using one of the following tools: smart phone, video camera, digital camera (in movie mode), web cam, etc.
    • Begin by experimenting with a 1 or 2 minute video, and download to your computer to determine the file-size. Then use this to estimate the length of time you can record to reach 500mb.
      • However, do NOT worry if your total file-size is too large. One can simply import the video into iMovie and export to an .mp4 file type.   A 500mb file can easily be reduced to well under 100mb in this manner.
  • Your final video will be uploaded to Vimeo, a web site designed to hold large files (up to 500mb), and secure for educators (addressing both FERPA and Copyright).

  • Here is a Vimeo TUTORIAL on joining and setting preferences.

  • Specific Instructions:  
    • Set up a  Vimeo account and upload your video
    • Following are two examples of video's uploaded for sharing.
      • Sample #1 is a 2 minute lesson to children on solving simple word problems (using ratios).
        • The rights were set to Public, but it could easily be changed to Private.
      • Sample #2 is a 38 minute experimental lesson (400mb) teaching one of the Ed520 classes. 
        • No need to view. Just an example of a typical large file similar to one you may do during your Practicum or Student Teaching and share with your supervisor.
    • After your video is uploaded, select the Settings option to set the desired Privacy (FERPA) and copyright parameters.
      • Select the Share option and enter your instructors personal gmail account so they can 'View' the video and Comment. Of course you can invite your peers, too.

  • Next, create a new post in your personal Ed520 blog titled: Video Teaching Mini Lesson
    • Describe your experience.
    • Provide an active link to your Vimeo video
    • Also, embed the video into your blog post.

  • Congratulations, and from this point forward we can refer to your Blog as your electronic portfolio, or eFolio
    • Use it in your interviews. Demonstrate how you can take a leadership role in the implementation of the Educational Technology Standards.

  Task 2 of 2:  TASKSTREAM
  • Goal: Complete the Taskstream Assessment 
    • Open the INTASC-TaskStream Assessment and follow each instruction to the letter. 
    • eMail your instructor when you have successfully completed your Taskstream submission.