Aspire: Session 3

Session #3  Saturday, Oct. 8 ->  1pm - 4pm
  • ( 5  min) Update electronic Attendance for Session 3.
  • (2 min) Checking Assessment (grades)
  • (5 - 10 min) OTEN Workshop Blog Post:   remember to write a few sentences prior to the embedded blog ...
    • (15 min) Google Docs (Ownership and Organizing)
      • Who OWNS your docs? ____      - take 'owner' -> invite your personal gmail -> Switch owners.  Discuss ...
      • Create COLLECTIONS to organize.  Demo.
    • (45 min) Student Presentations: Google Docs Suite group projects
      • Demo finished products: Kate (Reader) |   (from Cohort-B: Yumi)
        • Discuss how to make hyperlinks active in a blog post (vs copy/pasting long, nasty URL's).
      • Group share (about ~5-10 min / group)
    BREAK TIME- 10 minutes:  
    • (45 min)  My Favorite Web2.0 Tools (Definition and small groups).  
      • Corey ->  What is cloud computing and Web2.0? ____     
      • Student Presentations: Personal Productivity Tools (Web2.0, Cloud Computing)
    BREAK TIME- 10 minutes:

    • Assignment #5:  MULTI-MEDIA Project (CA6.35) - 
      • In the Class Data Sheet, each of you is assigned to one tool from the cloud-based multimedia Screen Recorders category. 
      • Categories include: Screenr; Voice Thread; and Ustream (and I'm open to other suggestions)
        • An overview and description of each product is located here:  Web2.0 tools.
      • The project (tasks) includes:
        1. experimenting with the tool; 
        2. articulately defining and describing the function of the tool (in your own words); and 
        3. describing how this tool might increase teacher or student personal productivity and enhance learning.
      • Post the above criteria in your personal Blog.  Title: Multi-media Project.
        • Be sure to link to your multi-media video; and also embed your the video into your blog post.
        • You may work collaboratively on this project (exploring, asking and answering essential questions, etc.)
        • Example of finished product:  Voicethread  |  Andy and Kyle (Screenr) |  Stephannie (Ustream)