Aspire: Session 3 - VIRTUAL (online)

VIRTUAL: Oct 16 (week of)

WORK IN PROGRESS:  brainstorming on most efficient way to involve everyone in an online learning experience ...
  • possibility 1: meet in small groups (via SKYPE) to discuss Personal Productivity and Screen Recorders project from previous weeks assignment
  • possibility 2: meet in small groups (via SKYPE) to discuss Multimedia Project

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MY NOTES from traditional F2F:

Session #3  the week of Oct 13 - 16
  • Update electronic Attendance and color your cell blue after your participation.

    • (~40 min) Web2.0 Project Sharing (see class data sheet for sign-ups)
      • Copy/paste your Comments into Edu520 Willamettemat Blog?
      • Personal Productivity -> tinyurl, delicious, dropbox, 4shared
      • Screen Recorders -> screenr, voice thread, tokbox, Ustream

  • Part 2 of 2: Multimedia Project (applies to CA 6.35)
  • Remember, all of the Web2.0 tools we discussed in class can be found here.
  • Please read all the instructions prior to beginning this project.
  • Over the last few work sessions, each of you have become a resident expert in a variety of Personal Productivity and Screen Recording tools.
  • The goal of this project is to pick one of those tools and build a short 2 to 3 minute multi-media presentation that describes the purpose of the tool, how it works, and how it could be effectively used in education to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Instructions:
    • Select one of the following Web2.0 tools, and build a multi-media presentation that will ultimately be embedded in your Blog. 
      • Google Forms, Reader, PicasaWeb, Drawing, TinyUrl, Delicious, Dropbox, 4Shared, TeamViewer, Scribblar, Dabbleboard, OnlineVideoConverter, or Doodle. 
      • You may also choose Youtube & Facebook
    • Sign-up is in our Class Data Sheet. Column 'C' contains all of the options (yellow cells). 
    • You may work in groups if you wish.
  • You may create your video using one of the following Screen Recorders:
    • Screenr, Voice Thread, Tokbox, UStream, ScreenToaster
    • Or, you may wish to use iMovie (Mac) or PhotoStory3 (PC) if you used your camera (video) to take a movie or pics. 
    • Regardless of the toolset, you may wish to upload your video to YouTube, PicasaWeb or 4Shared, which is just fine for sharing and embedding into your Blog.
  • Post the link (or embedded coding) of your video in your Blog and write a few sentences reflecting on the video topic and your experiences.

  • (15 min) Skype - Class discussion and live demonstration that includes Teamviewer: 1) remote help, 2) mini presentation.
    • Recent examples: Scott's wife and upload Karaoke/Oprah; David (w/o mic, but phone); Mark (S3, no mic, no phone, Notepad)
  • Part 1 of 2: The goal is to demonstrate a Web2.0 tool & discuss potential uses in the classroom
    • This activity applies to INTASC Standard 6.35 (for TaskStream and related rubric).
    • As a class we desire to be aware of all of the following tools. Working in small groups (or solo), sign up for one of the following: 
      • Google Sites,, TeamViewer, Doodle, Tokbox, Scribblar/Dabbleboard, Dropbox, Evernote, Delicious, TinyURL,, other ...
      • Groups: be prepared to deliver a very efficient, descriptive 2 to 3 minute overview of your product, and also create a mini-presentation (ie. Google Presentation)  for classmates who desire more information. Slides should include the following:
        • Name of the tool (eg., Doodle, Tokbox, Delicious, etc.): ____________________
        • Overview of the tool (use the KISS principle) including key features, steps to learn how to use the tool, links to Tutorials, etc.
        • Briefly discuss your learning curve --- feelings, frustrations, successes/failures, etc.
        • Discuss potential application(s) and provide specific examples of using your tool as part of a lesson plan to enhance the learning experience. 
      • Publish your presentation on the Internet (eg., Publish/Share on Google Docs or Google Presentation, etc.).
        • Create a new Post on your Blog titled Web2.0 tool demo and Link or Embed your presentation.
    • Here is a great place to begin (1-stop shop).
    • Although this is a group project, each student must add a blog post for this project.
  • Part 2 of 2: Take a few minutes to setup a Skype account on your computer.
    • If you don't already have an account, please use your gmail username (eg., educ520-robertb).
    • Practice Skyping with a friend (classmate, instructor, etc.). Minimal hardware includes a $5 microphone if one is not built-in.
    • Be sure to update the electronic Class Data Sheet and add your Skype username in the appropriate cell.
    • Post a reflection (Comments) of your Skype experience and how this tool could be used in your classroom or as a personal productivity tool.