Aspire: Session 2

Session #2  (7-9pm)
Goals:  Explore remaining Google Docs; explore Cloud Computing and the world of Web2; OTEN conference Saturday, 24th.
  • OTEN this Saturday. Q&A.   click here
  • (3 min) Beth's Yodio reflection of her first ed tech class sessions. Personal, student, and business applications.
  • Session #1 Podcast using a cell phone and Yodio to reflect on "Shift Happens"
  • (2 min) Update electronic Attendance and color your cell blue if present.
  • (2 min) Class Data Sheet accurate? Quick Syllabus/Calendar review.
  • (3 min) Class Grade Book ...    willamettemat and PW
  • (15 min) Google Apps (Suite) ASSIGNMENT: Google Apps Suite. Moving past Google Docs. 
    • Reminder: Don't forget, the Owner of the doc needs to be sure and make it Public.
  • BREAK (~10 min) 

  • (~25 min) CA 4.13 Intro to Cloud Computing and Web2.0 tools 
    • What is Cloud Computing? What is Web2.0? Take Poll.
      • Activity (time permitting): pairs) -> 3 to 4 minutes to discover key words that define/describe characteristics
      • Wordle activity to collect information 

Assignment:  Personal Productivity Tool  (cloud computing) 
  • Create a new Post in your personal Educ520 blog titled My Favorite Web2.0 tools. 
    Your Post will include two (2) components
  • Component 1Using your own words, define Web2.0 (include an articulate definition, links to relevant web sites, examples, etc.). 
  • Component 2- Categories include: TinyURL; Delicious; Dropbox; 4Shared; and Teamviewer
    • Class Data Sheet --> Team Projects --> sign up for one Personal Productivity tool. Groups must be balanced.
    • Your role includes:
      • experimenting with the tool; 
      • articulately defining and describing the function of the tool (in your own words);
      • providing a few link(s) to additional information and/or tutorials or testimonials for viewers who may be interested in your tool; and
      • describing how this tool might increase a teacher or student(s) personal productivity and enhance learning.