Aspire- Session 4

Session #4 (1 hr 50 min)
  • (1 min) Students update Attendance
  • (1 min) Smartboard check from Steve Rhine ... anyone? ___

  • (5 min) Technology in Education: Up-to-date Lesson Plans: Ways to teach about Occupy Wallstreet. Who are the 99%?
    • Matching quiz  :   Pay close attention to #'s 2, 4, 5, 8 and 10.  Hmmm.

  • (20-25 min) The Talent Code (by Daniel Coyle).   Can direct instruction coincide with inquiry (constructivism)?
    • Technology & Blooms & "Back to the Basics".   Can we have our cake and eat it too? ____
    • This may align with the wonderful debate some of your classmates recently had.
    • (5 min) Can Direct Instruction and Inquiry/Constructivism become best buddies?

    • (15 - 20 min) Students share their Multi-Media Presentations (Voicethread, Screenr, Ustream)
      • Screenr recording web cam (Kelsie)    |    UStream (Jay)     |     Voicethread  (Kelly)
      • Web2.0 Screen Recorders ... Aimee
      • Discuss embedding coding into a blog
    B R E A K

    (25 min) Introduction to Spreadsheets: a tool to manipulate, analyze and chart raw data.
      • Skills will include:
        • Create formulas, copy/paste data from the Internet, data manipulation, inserting/deleting rows & columns, merging cells.
        • Formatting (sizing columns, use of color, decimal accuracy, merging cells). Comparing averages.  (0 vs blank cell).
        • Discuss freezing/unfreezing rows and columns, sorting, average vs median vs mode, generating meaningful charts.
      • The Google Sheets student group -> present the introduction
        • BJ: link to the 'student group sheets demo and Google Docs documentation.

      • Application in the world of education: Student Test Scores (and practice sheet)
      • Still stuck? Try out this set of Google Sheet Video Tutorials describing all the basic steps.
      • Assignment #6: Spreadsheets  (manipulating, organizing and analyzing data)
        • Two goals: one is to review your basic spread sheeting skills (data manipulation, simple averages and charts). 
        • The other is to ensure that we can easily collaborate/share/publish the results in a Blog, webpage, email invite, etc.
        • Discuss the  ASSIGNMENT  INSTRUCTIONS   for  this assignment.