Aspire- Session 1

Session #1  Saturday, Sept. 19: 9am - Noon
  • Just before class starts; give camera to a student. 
    • Have them take pics of each student, and create list (recording sheet) of student name and Aspire Group (HS/MS or Elem).
  • (15 min) Welcome; welcome video; instructor introductions. Laura (Elem); Barry (HS/MS)
  • (25 min) Prepare our mindset: short video clip titled: Shift Happens so Pay Attention   |  2009 version
    • What was your note taking process during the above video clip? ______  (brief discussion)
    • (5-min): Small groups: what impact might this video have on your philosophy of education or role as an educator? _______
    • Individually: take 3 minutes to prepare a 15 to 20 second script that reflects a key thought(s) on the above presentation.
      • We'll randomly call on you to contribute and/or ask for volunteers. [Discuss accountability vs levels of stress]
    • Large group: instructor will use cell phone to record about 90 seconds of student scripts. 
      • Repeat twice (once for HS/MS and once for Elem).
  • (10 min) Insructor: Yodio demo
    • Strand 1 | Aspire (MS/HS) | Aspire (Elem) Yodio Video. Tool to record student clips and public URL is instantly available. 
    • Have student(s) analyze the previous cell phone call in more detail ... and resulting web-based audio recording.
    • Discussion for small groups: 
      • Cell phone(s) in the classroom? _____
      • Could a tool like Yodio be an effective innovative and motivational tool for your students? _______
      • Select a subject and/or grade level. Provide an example of how Yodio might be used to enhance instruction or learning.
  • (15 min) Briefly discuss our Ed Tech 520 Website and the Ed Tech 520 Blog
    ----- 10 minute break: split into individual sections (HS/MS & Elem) -----
  • Class Activity:
    (15 min) Be sure you have a personal Gmail account. For example:
    • Your gMail acct will be used by some of your other professors, and opens the doors to Web2.0
    • Email yourself to make sure it works!
  • Class Activity:
    (10 min) Update the electronic Attendance Sheet (see left nav. bar) as follows:
    • LogIn Process: Login with our Willamette MAT 'generic' Gmail username: willamette.mat    Password: gobearcats
      • Locate your class (Aspire, S1 or S3). If your name does not appear, then add it on a row that is not already taken.
      • Color your cell BLUE for todays sesson.
      • Be sure to Logoff when done :)
----- 15 minute break -----
Instructor reminder: be sure to take pics (mug shots) of all students and record them.
Instructor reminder:  required OTEN conference, Saturday morning, Sept 26th (see below).
  • Class Activity:
(10 min) Update the Class Data Sheet (see left nav. bar), as follows:
  • Select your class (Aspire, S1. S2 or S3). If your name does not appear, then add it on a row that is not already taken.
  • Enter as much information as is currently available (in relevant cells next to your name).
  • Be sure to Logoff when done :)
  • Class Activity: Assignment #1 (some of you may complete this in class):
  • Using any available technology tool (digital camera, webcam, iPhone/Blackberry, etc), take a self portrait mugshot.
    • Send an email message (to yourself) that includes an attachment of the snapshot.
  • If you're a little rusty on Blogging, take a few moments to review this blogging Tutorial (short video clips and applications in the classroom).
  • Using Googles Blogger, create a basic Ed Tech 520 blog for this course. Basic criteria as follows:
    • Blog Name: Educ520-FirstnameLastInitial. For example, Joe Brown would be educ520-joeb
    • Create POST #1, providing several paragraphs of a personal Bio (include the grade level(s) and subjects you wish to teach, hobbies, interests, etc.)
      • Insert your mugshot (the one you emailed to yourself).
      • Photo into Blog: Hints provided by Anna: "I'm having trouble adding an image to my Blog by copy/paste from Picasa. I get the 'red x' or 'red ?' and Google says it's a common problem." Solution: in Firefox, <rt. click image>, Copy, then paste. in IExplorer, <rt. click image>, <properties>, Copy, then paste. in Picasa Web, copy their HTML code and not the URL in the address bar.
    • Create POST #2, describing several specific applications of Blogs that you may be able to use as an instructor or possible activities for your students. You may use examples from the previous Tutorial, or additional ones you have discovered.
  • Return to our class Class Data Sheet and update the URL (address) of your Blog in the appropriate data cell alongside your name.
  • Please take a few minutes to complete the web-based Social Networking Survey.
  • At the beginning of our next Session we'll take some time to discuss and reflect on the components of this assignment.