Session 6- eMAT

Session #6:     (estimated 1 hr) Our final session.
Link (if above video is not viewable).
As we discussed in our initial Adobe Connect session and later in the course, there are two (2) critical assessments (CA) for this course. Each of you submitted multiple activities that fulfill these CA's, and the University stores this information in a database tool they call Taskstream. So, our very last task is to take the work you've done and submit the relevant components up to Taskstream.

Follow the steps below, and when you've completed this final Task you have successfully Met Criteria for all required tasks. Congratulations! And as always, if you have any questions, be sure to ask!


  • CA-4.13 and CA-6.35  (critical assessments for Educ 520)

Please carefully read through all 4 Steps prior to actual implementation.

Step #1. Open a new Google Doc -> (logged in with WILLAMETTE username).

  • COPY the INTASC table below.
  • PASTE it into your new Google Doc
  • NAME this document: TASKSTREAM-FINAL-CritAssessment
Instructions on how to Copy/Paste the table:
  • You may wish to drag your mouse from 1 row above the table through 1 row below the table to ensure you are grabbing the full table (which includes the coding in background).
    • On a PC/laptop ->  (Ctrl-C, then Ctrl V with keyboard)
    • Mac -> (Command-C, then Command-V with keyboard)
    • If the above does not work, then ‘right-click’ copy and paste.
Following is the INTASC table to Copy


Standards (criteria)

 Examples & Support

Fill in

ND / Met


The candidate knows how to enhance learning through …  technological resources (knowledge).

1- replace this sentence with a description of some advantages of virtually collaborating as a group. You may refer to your Task 2-3 and please add an active link to your specific Blog Post

2- Briefly describe your awareness of Web2.0/Cloud-Computing (Task 3-1 and 3-2) and its potential to enhance learning.

3- Please add an active link to your “Personal Productivity Tools” Blog post.


The candidate demonstrates proficiency and appropriateness in utilizing a variety of media communication tools to enrich learning opportunities (skill).

1- briefly describe your use of a cell phone and/or other multi-media tools (ScreenR) to enrich learning opportunities. 

2- provide an active link to your Yodio blog post (Task 1-2)

3- provide an active link to your Multimedia Video blog post. (Task 3-3)

Sample of finished product.

Step #2. In Column #3 in the above table, labeled Examples & Support ->

  • Follow the 3 steps in the instructions below CA-4.13

  • In the last column titled “ND/Met” -> self-assess (type in “Met”)

Step #3. Repeat this process for CA-6.35  

  • Be sure to "Share your document with Anyone with the link"

Step #4. Use your above work to quickly satisfy the Taskstream requirement as follows:

  • Login to TaskStream
    • Locate the Educ520 class & click the Link button (or Text) tab
  • In Taskstream, add a statement (several articulated sentences) describing the purpose of your Ed Tech blog.
  • Include an active link to your Taskstream-Final-critical-assessment Document (the above table) AND be sure you Share it to Anyone with Link  
  • Please include an active link to your Ed 520 blog
  • Hit Submit ... Don't forget -> you must hit the Submit button when done (in upper right corner) or it will not get recorded in the TaskStream for your instructor to approve.