Session 5- eMAT

Session #5:     (estimated 1 hr) 

Introduction to this weeks lesson "National and State Technology Literacy Standards"
  • Link to Introduction

  • Goal: Introduce & Reflect on the National and State Ed Tech Standards for students and teachers.
    • Did you know there is a specific set of educational technology standards for both students and teachers in Oregon?
      • Here is a summary statement from the research of our 2010 Aspire group presentation: "The standards are designed to help both teachers and students deal with and take advantage of the rapid development in technology in the past few years. At their core they are preparing students for the 21st century workplace and a virtual society many are already stepping into."
    • My role in 2008-2009: assess Ed Tech Plans for all school Districts in Oregon  (with the Department of Education)
      • Every school District is required to update their educational technology plan every three years. 
      • Part of the assessment rubric was based on the Ed Tech Standards presented below.
  • ASSIGNMENT:  This is the actual Google Presentation slideshow that includes the active links.
    While viewing the followingfocus on the essential question "how might one explain (in layman's terms) the big picture of what the six OETS standards are trying to accomplish?" 
    • Summary of the above presentation included information on the following topics:
      1. CIP   (Continuous Improvement Plan). 
        • Every K12 school in the State has their District CIP in their building and is used as a guideline for school improvement.
      2. The new Oregon Diploma. Still in discussion, but includes a tech literacy component.
      3. OETS (the new Oregon Educational Technology Standards. Adopted in Dec., 2010). 
        • While viewing these six primary categories, is there anything here that we don't already desire to accomplish in every classroom at all grade levels?
        1. Creativity and Innovation
        2. Communication and Collaboration
        3. Research and Information Fluency
        4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
        5. Digital Citizenship
        6. Technology Operations and Concepts
        • NETP (Obama, current Department of Education National Ed Tech Pla
      4. Actual slideshow (which contains active links to support documents)

      5. Select three (3) of the six (6) OETS student standards that are most significant to you.
        • In each of your three (3) standards, describe several specific strategies or activities that one could implement at your grade level(s) and/or subject areas. 
        • Include a final paragraph on a few of the implementation challenges we face, and how you might pursue overcoming these hurdles.
        • Demo of finished products: from last term: Eric (eMat) |  Brianna's  |   Stacey's  |  and Chad (challenges we face)

    • Post your strategies in your course blog. Title:  New Tech Standards & Requirement