Spreadsheets --- for organizing, displaying and analyzing data

I'm looking forward to our upcoming work session that will focus on "Organizing, Displaying and Analyzing Data". 

Prior to our face-to-face meeting I'd like all of you to complete the pre-requisite activity on this page. Yes, once again we will be flipping the classroom.

During your Practicum and/or Student Teaching experiences, each of you will be designing a 10-lesson Unit for your upcoming work samples. It will include generating data to display and analyze, including a pre-test, post-test, and a variety of formative assessments. As per your work sample rubric, these will include class analysis, item analysis, and individual student analysis.

The purpose of this activity is to ensure that each of you have developed the basic skill set that is advantageous to quickly using a spreadsheet to accomplish all of the above tasks. With practice, one can actually manipulate data in a spreadsheet as fast as one can word process. Like anything else, it just takes practice.

I'm assuming the range of skills will vary from novice to masterful use. I am requesting each of you work through the following spreadsheet tutorial, at your own pace, until basic mechanical skills are achieved. When we meet in class (F2F) we can focus on answering any remaining questions, analyzing and interpreting the resulting statistics and charts, and applying these skills to your own set of data.

So, let's get started.
    • Goal 1: Using Google Sheets, review basic spread sheeting skills (data manipulation, basic statistics, and charts). 
    • Goal 2: Ensure that one can analyze/collaborate/share/publish the results on the web.
  • Take a few moments to look at the following illustration of one students Work Sample data table. Consider the types of data gathered, and the statistics that can be generated to help us analyze and interpret this data. Note: don't try to copy/paste this data, as it is an image (.jpg file).

    ACTIVITY 1 --- tutorial videos:
    • Take 11 minutes (or as much time as is needed) to view these three Spreadsheet Video Tutorials (2-5 minutes in length). They are custom designed for teaching spreadsheeting based on the above illustration.
      • Tutorial #1 is a quick review of how to enter formulas and basic formatting
      • Tutorial #2 demonstrates how to manipulate data and charting/graphing
      • Tutorial #3 demonstrates how to calculate the % of Increase (eg., pre vs post test scores)
      • (extra for the experts) Tutorial #4 embedding spreadsheet data and charts into a blog post.

    ACTIVITY 2 --- hands-on practice:

    • Goal: hone your basic spread sheeting skills as follows: 
      • Log into your personal gmail account -> select Drive (or Docs), or open a new Tab and go to "drive.google.com"
      • Create -> New -> Spreadsheet -> then click on Untitled Spreadsheet (upper left) and give it a logical name
      • Select and Copy the cells (rows and columns) from Angela's data table and paste the results into your new spreadsheet. 
        • HINT:  Select all the cells --> Hit <Edit>, <Copy>
        • Open your new spreadsheet and select <Edit>, <Paste>
      • Using the suggestions from the above tutorialsadjust the column widths and use colors effectively.
      • There are intentional blank cells in this table (student was absent, etc.).
    • Calculate typical statistics, including: 
      • Class Average for Pre Test
      • Class Average for Post Test
      • Class Average for Formative Tests (grab all formative test data)
      • Pre and Post test percentages for each student. 
      • Extra for the experts: percent of growth from pre to post test; and/or analyze impact of attendance on pre-post test scores.
      • Repeat the above procedures until you are competent and quick. 
    • Create several charts (graphs) that convey the following: 
      • Class Average for Pre vs Post test
      • Student comparisons between pre and post test
      • Repeat creating these charts until you are competent and quick.

    I will be available for assistance throughout this process (email, phone, Teamviewer remote assistance), so don't hesitate in contacting me if instructions are unclear or things just aren't coming together. 

    When I show up for class (F2F) we can work through the most frequent questions and misunderstandings; and have some meaningful discussions on how to analyze and interpret what we have produced.

    Following is a description of the basic survival spread sheeting skills:

      • Create formulas, copy/paste data from the Internet, data manipulation, inserting/deleting rows & columns, merging cells.
      • Formatting (sizing columns, use of color, decimal accuracy, merging cells). Comparing averages.  (0 vs blank cell).
      • Discuss freezing/unfreezing rows and columns, sorting, average vs median vs mode, generating meaningful charts.