Session 3- eMAT

Task 3-1:  Int
ro. to Cloud Computing & Web2.0 
  • Take a few moments to peruse through this Web 2.0 Tools page as follows: 
    • Read the definition, and explore some of the applications that look of interest to you.
  • Use Google's search engine and quickly peruse through a few other definitions of "cloud computing" and "web 2.0"
  • Assignment: Add new blog post: Title: What is Cloud Computing and Web2.0?
    • Articulately define, in your own words, the meaning of Cloud Computing and Web2.0.

Task 3-2:   Personal Productivity Tools to explore & apply.

Although there are dozens and dozens of free personal productivity tools, the following have consistently been rated TOP 3 by MAT candidates and educators. Please take a few moments to explore each tool, then apply them to your own took kit.
  • TinyURL: Three minutes from now you'll know it all. This one's a keeper.
  • Dropbox: Do you work on multiple computing devices (home computer, school computer(s), smart phone, iPad, etc.)?  Do you end up emailing attachments to yourself; or carrying a flash drive to transfer files?  If you are answering yes to any of the above, then this tool's for you. 
  • Teamviewer: If you have any questions during this course, and would like me to provide 'remote' help on your device (computer, etc.), then be sure to download and install this little program. It's an absolute life saver, and extremely secure. Check it out.
Assignment (posting in your blog):
  • Create a new Post in your personal Educ520 blog titled Personal Productivity Tools.
    • Articulately define and describe the function of: TinyURL, DropBox, and Teamviewer. 
    • Describe how each of these tools might increase a teacher or student(s) personal productivity and/or enhance learning.

Task 3-3: Screen Recording Tools (ScreenR). 

In the world of education we often find ourselves needing to create a short video tutorial or presentation, or create a Powerpoint presentation with a live voice (audio) in narration.
This previously daunting task is now a snap. One of the most popular computer 'screen capturing tools' is called ScreenR (screenr.com).
  • Take a few moments to peruse through this ScreenR overview and tutorial.
  • Sign-up (free) and create your personal ScreenR account.
  • Assignment: Using ScreenR, create a tutorial of either TinyURL, Dropbox, or Teamviewer (from Task 3-2 above).

    • Sign-up in our shared Data Sheet. (select the Team Projects tab &  
      see III. Screen Recorders).
      • Please keep the groups balanced so we get a nice variety for each tool.
      • Options include: Screenr (TinyURL); Screenr (DropBox); or Screenr (Teamviewer)
    • Ensure your settings are Public (viewable by anyone).

  • Create a new Blog Post titled: Screenr-TinyURL or Screenr-Dropbox, or Screenr-Teamviewer
    • Briefly describe the purpose of your tutorial.
    • Include an Active Link to your video.
    • Optimally: embed your video in your blog post.
      • Hint: Copy the Embed coding -> then, in your blog post, select the EditHTML button -> paste your coding -> OK.