Session 1- eMAT

Task 1-1:  Meet on Adobe Connect (our Webinar software)
  • Login with the GUEST option: and type in your name
  • Select a time slot that works for you. Three to choose from (Wed, Thr, Fri from 8-9pm). Sign-up in our shared Class Data Sheet
  • Agenda: Welcome; virtual office hours (email, chat, cell phone, Teamviewer, Adobe Connect); brief overview of Willamettemat.com (our course web site). Syllabus; Calendar
  • You may wish to Bookmark (Favorite) the Adobe Connect page for future reference.

Task 1-2:
  Create Yodio account and record/post/share.
  • Recall in the Welcome Activity you listened to a Podcast created with a cell phone & free web tool called Yodio.
    • Yes, one can create a Podcast by simply using a phone. 
  • Take a few minutes to peruse an overview of this wonderful web-based productivity tool. Focus on how one might use this tool in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Task: Create a personal Yodio account.    http://yodio.com
    • Here's the Yodio- How It Works page. Peruse around the page to get the big picture,  then simply select the Sign-Up option in the top-center and follow the instructions from there.
    • Activity: Use your phone to record a 2 to 3 minute reflection of the two videos you viewed in the Warm-up Activity. Publish your finished product, then test to ensure it works!
      • Congratulations, you've just created a Podcast ... by simply using your cell phone and a free web service. 
  • Make a note of the URL (address) of your Podcast. You'll need it later in this lesson.

Task 1-3: 
Research: Blogging in Education: Take several minutes to explore the following blogs. Collectively they represent a nice overview of blogging and how this web-based application can be effectively used in education.
  • Log in to your personal Google Account. Then select Googles' Blogger to create your personal Ed Tech 520 blog for this course. The suggested criteria is as follows:
  • 1- Create your eMAT Blog:  Example: Joey Brown, an eMAT student, would be jbrown-eMAT 
    • Select a theme and complete setup requirements.

  • 2- Create blog POST #1
    • Write several paragraphs about yourself (personal Bio). include the subjects & grade levels you wish to teach;  hobbies; interests; etc.
    • Insert an image of your choice. It can be resized, aligned, etc.

  • 3- Create blog POST #2
    • Following your "Research: Blogging in Education" from above, describe several specific applications of Blogging that you may be able to use as a resource or possible activities for your students
      You may use examples from the following links or additional ones you have discovered.
  • 4- Create blog POST #3
    • Part 1 of 2: Reflect on the two Welcome-activity videos Shift Happens- Social Media Revolution & Vision 2011- Tech Impact on Education as follows:
      • Write a brief, but well-scripted paragraph that addresses a few significant statistics and how might this impact your philosophy of education or role as an educator in preparing students for their future? 

    • Example from one of your eMAT peers:  Hilary

    • Part 2 of 2: In this blog post, provide a link (or embed for maximum impact) to your Yodio podcast created in Task 2-1 above.

  • 5- Last, be sure to update our Class Data Sheet as follows: 
    • Enter the URL (address) of your Educ 520 Blog in the appropriate data cell alongside your name. 
    • Test to ensure it works.

  • Your instructor will respond to all blog posts. And, if you have questions or need assistance or clarification, don't hesitate on asking.