Educ 520, Ed Tech: 
Course Goals: To explore tools, resources and emerging technologies that can be effective in the classroom and that will ultimately improve student achievement and increase teacher productivity.

  • Establish Willamette and personal gMail Account
  • Contribute to our class Data Sheet (shared Google Doc)
  • Preview 2 short videos: Shift Happens (Social Media Revolution) and Vision 2011- Technology's Impact on Education

Following is a big-picture outline of our course. Click on the Session # for full details.
Session #1:
  (3 hrs)
  • Meet on Adobe Connect (our webinar software)
    • Welcome; Discuss Course Syllabus; Reflection of pre-req activities
  • Create Yodio account & Post.
  • Blogging in Education
Session #2  (3 hrs)
  • Demo strategic features of word processing in Google Docs. Contribute to shared Google Doc "Shift Happens"
  • Use Google Presentation App to describe one of the following Google tools: Bookmarks, Reader, or Forms
Session #3:  (3 hrs)
  • Intro. to Cloud Computing (web2.0).
  • Explore Personal Productivity Tools:  TinyURL, Dropbox, and Teamviewer
  • Explore Screen Recording Tool (ScreenR). Create tutorial of TinyURL, Dropbox, and Teamviewer 
Session #4: (2 hrs)
  • Intro to Google spread Sheets. Includes viewing several short tutorials. 
  • Project: Given student raw-data -> use Google Sheets for data manipulation & charts/analyzing.
Session #5:  (1 hr)
  • Intro to National and State Ed Tech Standards for teachers and students. 
Session #6: (2 hrs)   INTASC/Taskstream & finish group presentations