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Spreadsheet Tutorial

  • Using Google Spreadsheets (or Excel) for d
  • ata manipulation and charting/analyzing results.
    • Goal 1: Review basic spread sheeting skills (data manipulation, basic statistics, and charts). 
    • Goal 2: Ensure that one can analyze/collaborate/share/publish the results on the web (personal Blog).
    • Goal 3: Apply to data collection and analyzing your Work Samples (Practicum and Student Teaching).
  • Select Spreadsheet Tutorials to view the following 4 videos.
    • Part 1 (4 min): Quick review for entering formulas and basic formatting
    • Part 2 (5 min): Data manipulation and formatting
    • (2 min): Calculating the % of increase (student growth)
    • Part 3 (4 min): Embedding your Data and Chart into a Blog Post

    The following spread sheet data table was provided by one of our recent MAT students from their fall Work Sample. It illustrates the data they were required to collect regarding Pre and Post tests and formative assessments for their group of students. 
    • To better understand the big picture, all of you will be required to teach a 10-lesson unit during your Practicum and Student Teaching. This begins by pre-testing your students to determine their in-coming understanding of the topics. During the teaching of the unit you will be collecting samples of their work (quizzes, mini-projects, etc.) to determine how they are progressing. These are called formative assessments.
    • In the raw data illustration below you will notice Pre-Test scores; three formative assessments (scores); and the Post Test.
    • Of course we are hoping that all students improved from their Pre to Post test scores.
    The following is just an illustration (image) of your sample raw data. One cannot copy/paste this, as it's just a visual. The actual link to these 13 students will be provided later in the lesson.

    • Regardless of your level of expertise (or lack of), these tutorials will provide numerous little gems to assist in the process.
    • Included is a link to a practice spread sheet that one can use to practice skills demonstrated in the video(s).
      • If you would like to practice, and you're logged into your Google account, simply go to your Docs -> File -> New -> Spreadsheet | and copy/paste the data table.
    • Basic survival spread sheeting skills will include:
      • Create formulas, copy/paste data from the Internet, data manipulation, inserting/deleting rows & columns, merging cells.
      • Formatting (sizing columns, use of color, decimal accuracy, merging cells). Comparing averages.  (0 vs blank cell).
      • Discuss freezing/unfreezing rows and columns, sorting, average vs median vs mode, generating meaningful charts.