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Ask Us Anything

"Ask Us Anything" videos --- by the GSE instructors, and hosted at vimeo.com

October, 2012: 

The faculty are happy to bring you a new venture in education theory, practice and communication.  We are calling it "ask us anything,"

Here is how it will work.  Starting now, you are to submit to me questions you have regarding some aspect of education, schooling, teaching and learning.  The question could be a concrete practical manner ("What classrrom management techniques have you found successful in a diverse, 3rd grade class?" or "How did you focus on critical thinking in a state-standard driven HS History class?").  They could also be economic and political in nature ("Should I be concerned for my career if Oregon increases the number of charter schools?" or "What should I focus on when deciding which candidate is better for teachers?").  They could also be abstract and purely theoretical in nature ("What does it mean to be educated?" or "Should my ideals of why I teach change over my career?").

Once you begin submitting questions, I will direct them to appropriate faculty and staff.  You are welcome to address the question to a specific member of our faculty, or to the faculty in general and allow me to select.  Once selected, that person will record an audio and perhaps video, consisting of several minutes, in response.  Eventually, we will post these recordings on our GSE web site and Facebook page.

Your involvement is key, necessary and what will drive this venture.  Please start asking.  I look forward to your feedback on what evolves.

Thank you, all,


Example: Question #1:
In today's world it seems that humans are currently too consumed with greed and the act of making money than they are with the affect they have on the planet and their fellow human beings. Should teachers be responsible for inspiring their students to want to "make a difference" than the desire to make obscene amounts of money?

Neil Responds:

Neils Response

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