2013SI-Welcome Activity

I'd like to welcome each of you to join us in exploring the potential impact that technology can have on teaching and learning. To enable our ability to enhance communication in our afternoon share sessions, and demonstrate the power of the flipped classroom, we will begin with the following: 

Prior to our upcoming technology orientation on Monday afternoon (July 1st), I am gently requesting each of you spend a few minutes completing the following   activities. Pedagogically this type of activity is referred to as flipping the classroom.

Pre-req #1
  Contributing to our class Shared Data Sheet
  • This activity will demonstrate the incredible potential of using a Shared Google Doc. 
  • We have some wonderful tools to enhance collaboration in todays digital world (often referred to as social networking). To begin I'd like each of you to provide additional information in our class Shared Data Sheet.
  • Simply click on the 2013-SummerInstitute tab (if it's not the Default) and fill in all your known information (see illustration below).

    NOTE: the following is just an illustration ... so don't click on it :)

Pre-req #2. Provide a brief reflection on the assigned passages from "Pathways to the Common Core"
  • Open this Shared Document, navigate to your name, and type your reflection. 

Pre-req #3. Establish a personal gMail account (if you've not already done so) 
  • Over 80% of this summers participants already have a gMail address, which is awesome. This activity is to assist the remaining participants in creating/enabling a Google Account.
  • All universities and K-12 schools in Oregon have now been approved to use Google (Academics) as their backbone for email and enhanced communication. Willamette University is now using the Google Apps Academic Suite as one of their primary web-based management tools, and Salem/Keizer is slowly following suit over the past few years. So for those who have a Willamette or approved S/K account, the gMail username is actually name@willamette.edu or name@salkeiz.k12.or.us, and will automatically be associated with logging in to Google for any of their tools (email, docs, sheets, presentations, readers, and the list goes on and on). In S/K this will mean that behind all username@salkeiz.k12.or.us will actually be a gmail account, thus opening the doors to some incredible possibilities to enhance teaching and learning.

  • For the following reasons, I believe it is imperative that educators will also need to have their own personal gMail account. Included are: 
    1. Not all Google Apps (such as web site development) are yet possible in the academic version (for universities).
    2. Your institutional Google Account has a limited life expectancy. Upon leaving your current institution (S/K, Willamette U., etc.), all of your Google Docs, Sheets,Presentations, mail, shared files and folders that exist ... will disappear. And, anything you have Shared will also disappear. 
      Thus, as stated earlier, it is imperative you create/activate a personal Google account that will travel with you forever.
      IMPORTANT: It's but a keystroke to Share your personal documents with your Institutional account for all the logical reasons. And it serves as a great backup!
    • For those who have not yet set up a personal gMail account, the process is quick and simple.
      • Here is a direct link for the process. If you're quick, it will only take a few  minutes. And of course there are dozens and dozens of tutorials, so depending on your learning style, feel free to go to Google.com, search for gmail setup tutorials and scan through until you find one that fits your style. eMail me if you have any problems.
    • Be sure to check both your emails on a regular basis (or have one auto-forwarded so all mail comes to the same place). 

Jennifer has created a terrific Home Page (web site) for this summers work session. 
You may wish to take a few moments to peruse through the site, as this will be our go-to home base.

If you have any problems or questions, just let me know. I'm always available to assist.
Barry Jahn
Willamette University GSE
Technology Integration Specialist